• Roofing and Gutter Terms

    Before you decide to do the gutter installation by yourself, here are some gutter and roofing terms you should be familiar with.



    This is a system comprising of pipes such as downspouts and gutters that allows drainage of rainwater and melted snow from the roof and directs them away from the house to avoid damages on the foundation of the home that has them installed.


    Gutter guard

    This is an accessory to the gutter. It is an extra piece of material, made from plastic or metal, added to the gutter to prevent debris that can potentially cause blockage from entering the gutter and downspout.



    This is a vertical piece of pipe that makes up the gutter system. It runs from the roof of the house, directing rainwater to the ground.



    This is a pipe that helps drain the water from the eaves to the downspout.


    Fascia board

    This is a trim of timber that is horizontally attached to the roof’s eaves. This is where the gutter is attached to.



    The straps that hold the gutters in place are known as hangers or brackets. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials.



    These are the lower part of the roof where the fascia board is attached. It usually overhangs the walls of the house.



    In roofing, this is the highest point. Typically when two diagonal lines meet the point in which they meet is called the ridge.



    This is the impervious material installed on roofs to prevent damaging weather elements from causing damage. There are many types of flashing such as lead flashing, wall flashing and cap flashing.


    End caps

    These are materials that are fitted at the end of the gutter so as to prevent water from running off the wrong end.


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